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so that we are safe 

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- Racing Dreamz Mission -

Racing Dreamz gives children and youth the opportunity to learn important life lessons and live their dreams from behind the steering wheel of a dirt track race kart or an asphalt race kart. Today’s economy and the challenges faced by families may seem overwhelming at times. For children and youth with special needs, such as illness, developmental delays, or those whose lives are surrounded by the chaos of economic and social problems, these challenges may seem even more insurmountable. The opportunity to reach a dream may seem like a distant star to these kids. When your life is a daily struggle to deal with hunger, uncertainty, therapies, medications, bullying because they are “different”, and poverty, that dream may even slip from their memory. 

Racing Dreamz strives to provide a path as well as the venue in which to enlighten children ages 618 by introducing them to the joys and responsibilities of racing. We use racing to provide direction by giving back an opportunity to live a dream or discover a new direction in life.

Using racing simulators, we introduce our “dreamers” to on and off road racing; building their eye hand coordination, ability to make decisions, and selfconfidence. When they are ready, halfscale off road racing buggies and Sprint Karts will teach team building and mechanical skills related to constructing and maintaining the vehicles. Our program serves the entire family.  We help them examine their own skills and talents and encourage them to contribute them toward the program and their child’s team. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and others are already volunteering for specific duties and building their own sense of selfworth.

Our newest program, the Disabled Veterans Program  is helping vets who have a dream of competing in motor sports.  Our program hopes to help the vets gain confidence in themselves, their abilities and further their outlook in life through participation in different forms of motorsports activities. Our program relies on vehicle donations to build acceptable cars for competition and track use. For your donated vehicle, we can issue you an IRS tax deductible receipt for for the Fair Market Value of the vehicle(you may set FMV).  Plus Racing Dreamz will issue a "Statement of Use", indicating, for your tax purposes, that we plan on "using" your  donated vehicle in our Programs. Along with the deductible receipt and Statement of Use, an IRS form 1098-C will be issued to you for your tax filings. We will NOT sell your vehicle if it is road worthy and safe.  It does not have to be competition "teched", just safe.  The three competitions we plan on using the vehicles in are AutoX, RallyX and Hill Climb events.

A 501(c)3  Non Profit Organization

- Veterans Therapy Park -

We want to purchase 1700+ acres of land to build a complex that will help treat our veterans. Not only thru motor sports, but equine, water sports, hiking and mountain biking. The campaign is to raise funding to purchase this property.

We have engaged some of the best motor sports minds in the world to help us design and build this facility. World renown motor sport track designer, Bob Barnard, has graciously volunteered to design our facility. Racing Dreamz also has their own spec race car company that will be built explicitly for veterans only, the Uforia Car company. Cars that only veterans will drive. The GRIN factor is one of the best known therapies in the world.

Once the property is secured, we will begin inviting veterans with construction experience to begin the build process from clearing parts of the land for the track, equine facility, trails for both off road motor sports, biking and hiking. We have already consulted with the V.A. and have their full support behind us along with various medical professionals and other veterans groups. We ask that you not only donate what you can, but to share this campaign with others

We do not expect anyone to donate ridiculous amounts of money, just a few dollars from a lot of different people. Racing Dreamz came from regular people. No one receives a salary or pay check. We are here to help others. Ben Jones, the chairman, is a disabled vetean(non service related) whose military duty was at a military regional hospital just after the Vietnam war. He saw the horrors of what war brought. We can only imagine what modern wars has done to our current veterans. So motor sport therapy is an accepted therapy for veterans who suffer from PTSD. It gives them a smile for a day where there might have been thoughts of suicide. Help us reduce the 22 veteran suicides per day by helping us build this park.

View Our Gofundme Campaing HERE and Donate Today!

Always searching for innovative ideas, we purchased a small auto manufacturing company, and we are planning on building the Uforia, a customizable race vehicle which will be safe, fast and fun.

Our Mission: 

Provide performance track vehicles to disabled veterans, giving them an exhilarating experience at some of the nations top road courses. Out of this world fun!





Custom built track cars for Veteran use


Ben Jones - Founder & Board Member

4 1/2 yrs in U.S.A.F; Stationed as Medic at the MacDill AFB Hospital. Duty station was in the Resource Management Office (budget) which also served at the Command Post for the Medical Squadron. Achievements: Signed letter from Pres. Jimmy Carter for saving the AF hundreds of thousand of dollars. Transportation Industry: From billing to interim terminal manager. 16 1/2 years experience in the operations and management; Consultant: to Papa Johns Pizza, Knoxville TN. Helped establish customer base. Technical Help Desk for 2 separate internet service providers. Both dial up and DSL. From this, he gathered a team to build their own internet service. Owned and Operated: several small businesses from Lawn Care, Off Road Buggy Dealership, and fuel additive business with distributors in the US, Australia and Taiwan. Host: of  Bedo's Buggy Talk radio program- 30 live shows with over 25,000 listeners. Co-authored: the Childrens book - The Adventures of Rodeo Duck

Donna Jones - Executive Director, Racing Dreamz/Uforia Cars

Past director of Bedo's Motorsports, Assistant Director of Green Fuel Solutions, Program Director for Bedo's Buggy News radio program(25 thousand downloads), Author of the children's book, The Adventures of Rodeo Duck. Test driver. World class gamer.

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Racing Dreamz is based in Mountain City, Tn.  (Johnson County)

Internal Revenue Service

EIN # 90-0724144

State of Tennesse Charitable

Purposes Registration # CO16643

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Early days shots

Some of the first cars 

donated to our Veterans Program

Some of our old Sprint/Oval Kart Fleet and engines

The Bill Ross and Todd Murray youth off road karting and veterans racing  programs are dedicated to their memory. Both motorsports enthusiast and great guys.  

Both, sadly missed.

 - Dedicated to our old friends Bill Ross & Todd Murray -


William W (Bill) Ross

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