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Ben Jones - Founder & Board Member
4 1/2 yrs in U.S.A.F; Stationed as Medic at theMacDill AFB Hospital. Duty station was in the Resource Management Office (budget) which also served
at the Command Post for the Medical Squadron. Achievements:  Signed letter from Pres. Jimmy Carter for saving the AF hundreds of thousand of
dollars.Transportation Industry:  From billing to interim terminal manager.  16 1/2 years experience in the operations and management; Consultant to
Papa Johns Pizza, Knoxville TN. Helped establish customer base.Technical Help Desk for 2 separate internet serviceproviders.  Both dial up and DSL.  
From this, he gathered a team to build their own internet service.Owned and operated several small businesses from lawn care, off road buggy
dealership, and fuel additive business with distributors in the US, Australia and Taiwan.Host of  Bedo's Buggy Talk radio program- 30 live shows with
over 25,000 listeners.   Co-authored the childrens book, The Adventures of Rodeo Duck;.

Gary Horneck -  Leader, Southern Chapter(Alabama-Georgia)/Graphic Designer

Keith Kmieciak -  Leader, Chicago(Mid west) Chapter

Harold H. Dugger -  Board Member/Local Liason
Being a native of Carter and Johnson Counties, Tenn. and N.W. North
Carolina, Harold has a great many contacts and is instrumental
in helping Racing Dreamz achieve it's goal.
The Racing Dreamz Kidz
Advisory Boards
We are currently reorganizing our board.
Please stay tuned for future
Gary's Story