Mission Statement
Racing Dreamz gives children and youth the opportunity to learn important
life lessons and live their dreams from behind the steering wheel of a dirt
track race kart or an asphalt race program.
Today’s economy and the challenges faced by families may seem
overwhelming at times. For children and youth with special needs, such as
illness, developmental delays, or those whose lives are surrounded by the
chaos of economic and social problems, these challenges may seem even
more insurmountable. The opportunity to reach a dream may seem like a
distant star to these kids. When your life is a daily struggle to deal with
hunger, uncertainty, therapies, medications, bullying because they are
“different”, and poverty, that dream may even slip from their memory.
Racing Dreamz strives to provide a path as well as the venue in which to
enlighten children ages 6‐18 by introducing them to the joys and
responsibilities of racing. We use racing to provide direction by giving back
an opportunity to live a dream or discover a new direction in life.
Using racing simulators, we introduce our “dreamers” to on and off road
racing; building their eye hand coordination, ability to make decisions, and
self‐confidence. When they are ready, half‐scale off road racing buggies and
Sprint Karts will teach team building and mechanical skills related to
constructing and maintaining the vehicles. Our program serves the entire
family.  We help them examine their own skills and talents and encourage
them to contribute them toward the program and their child’s team.
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and others are already
volunteering for specific duties and building their own sense of self‐worth.