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Racing Dreamz
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Now accepting donated
'sports' vehicles'
for our
Disabled Veterans Program
Racing Dreamz new program

Disabled Veterans Program

Please help us build our newest program, the Disabled Veterans Program.  By donating
your 'project'/sports car, you will be helping us helping vets who has that dream of
competing in motor sports.  Our program hopes to help them gain confidence in
themselves, their abilities and further their outlook in life.  For your donated vehicle, we
can issue you an IRS tax deductible receipt for for the Fair Market Value of the
vehicle(you may set FMV).  Plus Racing Dreamz will issue a "Statement of Use",
indicating, for your tax purposes, that we plan on "using" your donated vehicle in our
Programs.  Along with the deductible receipt and Statement of Use, an IRS form 1098-C
will be issued to you for your tax filings. We will NOT sale your vehicle if it is road
worthy and safe.  It does not have to be competition "teched", just safe.  The three
competitions we plan on using the vehicles in are AutoX, RallyX and Hill Climb events.  

Help us help those who gave their all so that we are
safe and free.

Here are links to IRS rules and regulations
Here is a link to current IRS rules on donations of vehicles:,